Birdhouse – Louisy

“The lead actresses ably accomplish the incremental transition from innocent girls to wiser, sadder women scarred by the world.” –

Bird House, Cotton Wright

“The four main female leads in this play are nothings short of extraordinary…Each woman’s performance is so nuanced, so rich, so layered and textured that this unbelievable world becomes believable. They invest so fully in this reality that you find there is absolutely nothing strange about it at all.” –

“All four principle actresses were extraordinary. I had the pleasure of seeing, and reviewing the two leads, Cotton Wright (Louisy), and Christina Shipp (Syl) in Much Ado About Nothing, and Belles respectively. Both are wonderful actresses who, as lovely as they were in the previous productions in which I’ve seen them, have only grown, and I was thankful to see them be able to really let loose in roles that truly offered them the chance to go wild in the best possible way. Their honesty, and depth were the heart, and engine of the play and they never let it run down for a minute.” –

“The cast turns in solid performances across the board. Christina Shipp and Cotton Wright as the cocksure Syl and childlike Louisy, respectively, provide the show’s emotional ballast…fall readily into a long tradition of codependent clown duos from Vladimir and Estragon to Bert and Ernie. Shipp and Wright bring a larger-than-life but remarkably precise physical energy to their roles, rooted in a genuine warmth that keeps the audience invested in their journeys.” –